26 August 2007

Super-exciting News!

In spite of super shows frequently overlooking us music-loving Phoenicians, Moscow-born Regina Spektor is set to make an appearance in the Valley! She'll be at The Orpheum, as in Phoenix's Orpheum, on November 4. That's right! Phoenix plays host to the classically trained pianist known for quirky stop-starts and silly sing alongs. Yes, much different from the last time Regina stopped in Arizona and played Tucson. Bahaha, in the ongoing battle for better shows Phoenix scores one point, still lags by many, but this one may be the turning point, if I may point that out. Here we go Phoenix, let's pack The Orpheum with all the awesome we can muster, so that maybe, just maybe, the coolness kick will last. In the mean time, check out Miss Spektor's vid for "Fidelity," the biggest single from 2006's Begin To Hope.


Owen Marshall said...

Something about those glottal stops. I'm a sucker for them.

becktronbexbecky said...

Me toooo.