25 August 2007

Chuck Ragan - Feast or Famine

Release Date: 8/7/07

Chuck Ragan left the post-hardcore band Hot Water Music to focus on his personal life. Apparently his connection with music is so personal that Ragan has decided to release two solo albums within a little over a year since his departure in 2006. His works include a live effort entitled Los Feliz, and as of August 7, 2007, a full-length studio album called Feast or Famine. Armed with an acoustic guitar and surrounded by a musical atmosphere of violin and harmonica, Ragan strums along, creating folk-punk that addresses cliché subjects of suffering in life and love. The solitary pleas enhance the appeal of his approach, allowing his worn voice to shed wisdom from a broken man. The highlight of the album, “Don’t Cry,” features Ragan providing encouraging messages through an empathetic tone. Though Ragan doesn’t break any ground on Feast or Famine, he manages to deliver sensible warmth that makes the album an enjoyable listen.

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