25 August 2007

PawBox - PawBox

Release Date: 8/07

PawBox is from Los Angeles, meaning that they’ve probably had a decent amount exposure to a respectable rock music scene. They are a talented group with an apparent comprehension of melody and appropriate song structure. Influences certainly show on their self-titled EP, but PawBox does little outside of generic rock and roll. The problem with the music is that it’s stale, generic, and can drag on for a bit too long. The heart of the EP has three songs over four minutes in length, challenging the listener to keep attention to drawn-out vocal harmonies and intermittent breakdowns for soft piano work. With only five songs on the entire EP, it’s puzzling as to how such a listen can be cumbersome. With a burning necessity for originality and vivacity, PawBox should probably get out of Los Angeles, go on a long drive, and discover their own personality.

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