25 August 2007

The Pietasters - All Day

Release Date: 8/21/07

It would be quite a stroke of luck to guess that The Pietasters’ latest release All Day was a product of the year 2007. With its intentional production quality hindering a vivid sound, The Pietasters seem to take a dip into a pool of 60s soul music. Most ska bands come over the top with powerful horns and repetitive, springy guitar hooks, but All Day rocks like a soda shop jukebox and cranks out relaxing and refreshing numbers. You can’t take ska music too seriously these days…or ever. The Pietasters use that fact to avoid serious songs, and embrace the simple grooves well within their creative capacity. Since the music can’t be taken too seriously, and it feels very simple in its design, The Pietasters are forced to succeed with traditionally catchy rhythms and brisk tempo changes that give the album a more inspired feel. The guitars on “Keep on Lyin’” and “So Long” break out of the mellower consistency that plagues the album, skewing the tuning and picking up the beat. With a few high points and a very leisurely pace, All Day isn’t supposed to change your life, but it should make your day a little bit easier.

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