30 January 2009

Coachella Tickets On Sale... Now!

Tickets for Indio, CA's primary source of non-agricultural income went on sale in 5 minutes ago as of this writing. Check out the weirdly unbalanced lineup - why the super stacked day 3? Maybe it's a typo and the people at Goldenvoice understand that MY BLOODY VALENTINE is a little bit better of a headliner than, um, the Killers. I mean, the Killers are at the top of the Bill, but Morrissey is 2nd? I'm thinking the Sunday passes are going to go fast.

Oh yeah, and local heroes Dear and The Headlights are playing on day 1! Go DATH!

28 January 2009

Check out live local music on The Basement

Every week I bring in an Arizona band to do an interview and live in-studio performance on my radio show, The Basement. I've got most of my lineup for this semester solidified, and below are the awesome acts I'll have on super soon.

Feb. 8: Kinch, Trains At Night
Feb. 15: Somersault
Feb. 22: Wizards of Time
Mar. 1: Stephen Steinbrink (Formerly French Quarter)
Mar. 22: Stellaluna
Mar. 29: Mostly Bears
Apr. 5: TBA
Apr. 12: TBA
Apr. 19: What Laura Says
Apr. 26: J.D. Stooks
May 3: TBA

The Basement is on The Blaze 1260 AM Sunday nights from 8-10 p.m., with special guests on for the first hour. The second hour consists of all sorts of local music your ears should be hearing.

Mini Tigers will paint you for top friendship

I swear to God, I'm not trying to be an obnoxious loser. BUT. Miniature Tigers have a contest going on currently, and if you win first place, drummer and resident album cover painter Rick Schaier will paint your likeness. How to participate? Follow the following directions:

1. Make Miniature Tigers your top friend on Myspace
2. Place Miniature Tigers (at bottom of blog I've linked in step four) banner in your "About Me" section
3. Add Cannibal Queen as your main profile song
4. After you have completed each step please leave a comment on this blog letting the Minis know

Winners, and de facto losers, will be selected on Feb. 17, the same day that Tell It To The Volcano is set for record store release. If you come in first, you get the aforementioned portrait as interpreted by Schaier and a 12'' copy of Tell It To The Volcano autographed by the band.

Three runners up will be rewarded with signed copies of Tell It To The Volcano on CD.

13 January 2009

Mini Tigers announce tour with Ben Folds

Arizona's own Miniature Tigers announced today that they'll embark on an east coast tour with the Ben Folds from February 11 through March 1.

According to Modern Art's Ben Collins, also of Phoenix-based Chronic Future, Folds handpicked the Minis after listening to and apparently liking their music.

How insanely awesome is this?!

Also, in case you are a complete lame-o and you don't already own Tell It To The Volcano, you will officially be able to pick it up at your local friendly record store Feb. 17. Stop resisting and give in.

08 January 2009

The Valley Tonight

Funky soulsters Black Carl celebrate the release of their debut full-length at Scottsdale's Martini Ranch. What Laura Says and Kinch open the gig. Someone should start tallying how many shows these cats play together. Ten bucks will get you in with a free copy of the record.

If you're feeling less S-dale, more DTPHX. Tempe's Hands on Fire open for California's The Donkeys tonight at The Trunk Space. Hooves and Man About A Dog join in the ruckus. Doors open at 7 p.m. for $7. Some sweet bang for your buck. Wear a jacket! It'll be cold inside and out.

05 January 2009

The Valley Tonight

Illegitimate Daughters, an amalgamation of Arizona acts A Technicolor Yawn, Cardiac Party and Hands on Fire, rock the DTPHX's Trunk Space. Two touring acts Wolves and Thieves along with apparent Replacements fans Bastards of Young kick off the show with their punky tunes straight from the Cali-forn-i-a. It'll be $6 at the door and the noise is set to commence at 7 p.m.

04 January 2009

Dantes 10 of '08

With so many tunes going in n out of my ears this past year, I'll admit it's difficult to keep a track of everything, but I think I figured it out....by no means is it an official list, or official order, but here's some albums I thought rocked in '08.

10.) Kings of Leon Only By The Night
Yea, people didn't like it. I get it. Was it my favorite Kings album? Of course not, but it rocked, it was different for the Followills, and it's worthy of #10....So put your hate-letter-writing pens down.

9.) Death Cab For Cutie Narrow Stairs
Don't usually fully enjoy/"appreciate" Death Cab, but I thought the album was enjoyable throughout the time we spent together.

8.) The Black Angels Directions To See A Ghost
With so many ways to make terrible ambient-rock these days, these guys nail it and rock out. An acquire taste, but I consider myself acquirable.

7.) of Montreal Skeletal Lamping
Again, usually don't find the time to become a huge of Montreal fan, but this is one album that hypnotized me the first time I heard it....either the album or their outfits. Would be impossible to know.

6.) TV on the Radio Dear Science
Utterly enjoyable album, if we can be honest. Rolling Stone put it at #1...how could you go wrong?? But they don't own me....they're at #6.

5.)What Made Milwaukee Famous What Doesn't Kill Us
This album has everything from rock, to dance, to folk, to lounge, and blends all the genres into a great album. The only thing it's missing is a cathartic love song.....one of the reasons it's in my list.

4.) Noah and the Whale Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down
Already ripped my fingertips off writing a review for this album....it's great, it's touching, you should own it. Moving on....

3.) Sigur Rós Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
One of the few bands you really don't have to worry about making a crappy album....I've come to realize it must be impossible for them to write bad music. Haven't heard them before? Great album to ween onto the bandwagon....(pun intended)

2.) Johnny Foreigner Waited Up 'Til It Was Light
When I first heard this band, never would've thought they would be #2 on my list. They rock harder than most bands that have been around for decades, and their style is all their own. Recommended to almost anyone who enjoys any genre of rock music...absurdly addicting, however.

1.) MGMT Oracular Spectacular
Yea, it was digitally released in Oct '07, but I buy physical CDs, so it was released to me in Jan '08. Yes, they have gotten a ridiculous amount of media attention and hype for their debut album (with their new name), but anyone who can become that big without even trying (very literally, as they never sent in their music to anyone), has to be somewhat talented. As long as they don't blow their own minds with talent and live through their days playing guitar with an invisible dog in the subways for change, MGMT will grow to play a big part in the future of alternative rock.