09 August 2007

Silver Platter: Phoenix is Getting it Together

From the Stinkweeds crew:

"OK all of our favorite people, SILVERPLATTER has been nearly a year in the works! It's not even officially launched yet, but we wanted you to see what we've been working on. WE ARE SO EXCITED WE CAN'T SIT STILL. Go to www.silverplatter.info RIGHT NOW and feast your eyes on what this city has been missing since the beginning of time: An honest to goodness music-only website that not only tells you what is going on, but where, when, how much, if tickets are available and where, and almost anything else we could think of. WE ARE STILL FINE TUNING, so this is like a sneak preview for you, our nearest and dearest. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW COOL THIS IS?

Spread the word and visit often. There will also be a weekly email blast so you won't ever miss a show again. You can sign up now, but we're not officially launching until September 1st. Feedback is welcome. We are adding info daily, so keep an eye out as we grow.

Stinkweeds loves you!"


becktronbexbecky said...

That's quite possibly the greatest thing ever.

Tim said...

Phoenix has needed this since the hohokam left.

Thank You !!

Tim said...

Phoenix has been waiting for this since the hohokam left town.