01 March 2008

Dancing to the Killah Fuck Yeah Mix

More track by trackness. I just wrote my thoughts as I listened.
1. I really do hate that I can't get into Daft Punk, but while the music is by no means bad, I just can't force myself to see what everyone else sees in them that makes them outstanding. Very mediocre in my opinion.
2. Vocalist is lacking, I understand the rough quality is supposed to be rough for the music, but it just does nothing for me. The music is also awfully cheesy.
3. Another rather lacking vocalist, but in this case the music is pretty catchy which pretty much offsets that and makes it a good song.
4. I want to accuse this of being boring, generic drivel, but I do like it, so it's hard to insult my own taste in music.
5. The vocals are nice sounding but the music is uninspiring. This guy should move to one of the aforementioned bands with bad vocalists.
6. Laid back and almost relaxing, but not in an overly atmospheric or slow drawn out way. Pretty good.
7. This guitar hook wants to sound good and catchy, but chooses to fizzle out instead into forgettableness. It's representative of the idea of the rest of the song too as it turns out.
8. This song is annoying as hell. I really wish I could figure out why I like it.
9. This song reminds me a lot of CSS, but I don't think it actually is. Good though.
10. If this band always has the lovely male/female vocals that it does in this song I want this CD.
11. Not at all what I was expecting, wow. Good.
12. Rather generic sounding, but catchy at least.
13. Stained vocal style conjures Modest Mouse in my mind at times, except this is much worse.
14. Why do songs spend their entirety straining sonically for that final extra dynamic push, but then never actually hit it? They disappoint me tremendously.
15. This song fails to do anything exciting ever.
16. Very 80's. Unfortunately Metal is just about the only good music to come out of the 80's. That said, some of the music in here is very sexy.
17. There are many great sounding parts to this song but the background buzz that lasts the duration of the song makes it feel off puttingly busy and dense, and totally destroys the song.
18. I feel like this song could be more interesting. But at the same time I do like it ok, so maybe it doesn't need to be.


becktronbexbecky said...

Vince you hate my mix!

Vince said...

Nah I'd say you were about 50/50 good and bad. There's some stuff I'd definitely like to get.