04 March 2008

Kimya Dawson to play Trunk Space 3/8

The following is a MySpace post from Trunk Space regarding Kimya's upcoming show Saturday:

Unfortunately there are no advance tickets for this show.
We added this show really late and didn't have time to do them.
Also, if this is you're first time coming to Trunk Space, please note we are not a big venue. If you've got an image of something Marquee size in your head scale back . . . a lot.
The shows going to start at 7PM, there are lots of great bands, 4 touring acts, 3 locals and all are worth seeing.
This will be Kimya's 4th time playing our space, and we're excited to have her back, we want everyone--including her--to have a good time.
Also, please car pool, you're going to have to park on side streets in a neighborhood and we'd rather not clog everyone who lives there.

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