23 February 2008

Reflections on Sugar Plum Aussicles

Although reviewing albums simply track by track with no overall response is probably useless at best and at worst flat out insulting to music, however, in the case of a compilation (mix tape as it were), it feels necessary to reflect on the CD in the most reasonable way possible, and with no guarantee of even two similar artists, the fact is that track by track reviewing is really the way to go.

1. This track starts slow but within the first minute there are definitely some cool things going on. Around the three minute mark there is a brief pause in the music and you wonder if the song is over. Well, it's not, but it should be. After the break the same motifs are repeated for an additional three minutes and drag the song out, killing any momentum the first half built.
2. Another song suffering from the length of the song. There's really just one motif in this song, but it drags on for 6 minutes once again. Artists need enough material to justify creating a lengthy song. This artist did not have that justification.
3. This track was actually pretty cool. Not amazing by any means, but the song is catchy and has a good feel. I would not mind listening to a CD of songs of this quality.
4. It's not often anymore that I will find no fault with a song, but still not like it either, but this is one of those rare instances. The melodies are interesting enough. The structure lends itself to the material nicely. It sounds almost like a soundtrack, which is something I've loved lately. But despite all those positive factors, this song just does nothing for me. I don't get drawn into it at all.
5. Awesome song, except, why the hell are these god-awful vocalists singing? If I could pick up an instrumental version of this song I would be thrilled. The song does drag towards the end like many on this CD, but I would buy a CD like this anyways if the vocalists would shut the hell up or just restrict themselves to one or two moments of appearance.
6. This is a great song and I will need to find a copy of this album.
7. See Track 2 review.
8. Cool track but it lacks the extra something to make it really great. Sometimes I feel like it's just on the edge and wants to jump into awesome territory but it fails to do so consistently alas. Still good though.
9. I can identify immediately what I don't like about this song. It's the male vocalists in the background going ba baba bum etc. Ruins it for me, really. Otherwise the song still isn't great but it's at least tolerable without those vocalists.
10. If there's one consistent thing that bothers me in this sort of music it tends to be the vocalizations because they are so hit and miss. This one sounds like it wants to miss but it really hits for me because it' unique enough to stand out and adds a good rhythmic aspect to the song, and unless we're listening to rap vocalists rarely add a good rhythmic feel in a song.
11. The tonality of the instruments here is tasty as hell. I love it. The mixing is great too for the song, it works really well and accents it in the right places. Above all, this is catchy and not overly self indulgent. I'll need to get this CD.
12. The mellow beginning to this song seems to belie a gradual buildup theme to the song, but alas after hitting a sound in the middle of the road the song never intensifies any further and eventually just dies out as an alright, but forgettable song.
13. This song is really dorky. Really really dorky. I also have a problem with songs that sound this electronic and fake. That said, this song delivers in an unexpected way. For one thing the dorkiness really does add some appeal and laughs in a way. But also it is dancy and does make the broad appeal most techno/electronica style music does through dancy, fun beats and music.
14. This song, while not out right boring, is not particularly interesting and serves as background music at bestfor most of the song. Not very engaging. The ending does pick up but by that point it has gone on too long to be saved effectively.

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