01 March 2008

The Last 5 Years of Listening Bliss

Second CD this week.

1. This song sounds so familiar, but I don't know why. I haven't heard it as far as I can seem to recall. Maybe it's just the chord progression. I like it.
2. This song is tragically uninspiring in any way.
3. I can't stand music that sounds like this.
4. Modest Mouse? I can't place the song but I swear it has to be.
5. Weirdish vocals but there is a nice feeling I get from this song. I don't think it's all that special musically but there's some extra quality there.
6. I wish this would get more energetic, but I still quite like it anyways.
7. I would need to be in the right mood to really get into this, but if I were I could see myself digging it for sure.
8. What was the artist thinking in this intro?! I almost gave up on an otherwise good song before it had even started.
9. This is really nice.
10. Another song reeking of Modest Mouse, but I don't think this one actually is. Good either way.
11. This song would be great if the male vocalist didn't blow.
12. Fairly forgettable and lackluster.
13. I've heard this song before. Pretty good.
14. I don't usually like the singer/songwriter thing but this is pretty decent surprisingly.
15. Decent song but a lot of the things thrown in for variety end up detracting from the song.
16. Mediocre.
17. Decent but too generic, nothing stands out.

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