16 September 2007

WTF Regina?!

Okay, the new J.C. Penney's commercials use "Music Box" by Regina Spektor as the background jingley music. I thought I was okay with musicians selling their souls for retail purposes, since, you know, Feist has those iPod mini commercials with "1 2 3 4," plus a few others that I can't readily recall. And there's probably some decent money in it. But, seriously? J.C. Penney and Regina Spektor? That's like Ryan Adams pairing up with Kohl's, or Blondie backing up some freaking Doritos ad, or Cat Power modeling for Chanel, or Wilco with Volkswagen... oh wait. But honestly, I actually really like this song and now it's forever tainted.

EDIT: Not ten minutes after writing this, there was an ad with Vera Wang for Kohl's. Just a friendly notification.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much just a random person haha.
I heard the commercial come on in the other room a couple minutes ago and went "..WHOA REGINA REGINA"

becktronbexbecky said...

Yeah, I seriously gasped when I heard it.

Anonymous said...

i don't think there's anything wrong with her song being used on a jc penney's commercial. when people hear songs in the background of a commercial regardless of what it's for, they'll search for the artist if they're curious enough, which means more people will get to learn about how great regina is.

get over it.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see the commercial, but I guess this is what happens when you sign on to a major label .... ick. As much as this makes me cringe, the poor girl DOES have to eat.

Anonymous said...

the commercial really isn't bad. i wouldn't give up on her yet, besides i was worried everyone had forgotten about her after fidelity stopped playing on you ought know (vh1).
At least now she'll probably get more fans, meaning more concert dates, right?

Andy said...

gotta make money i guess :/

but i still love Wilco as much as ever.