23 September 2007

Between the Buried and Me says, “What the Hell Are you Lookin at?”

The North Carolina based Metal/Progressive Between the Buried and Me released Colors, the band’s fifth full length last Tuesday. Before even opening the disc, the band made its intentions clear as Colors was intended to be a symphony of metal, progressive rock and the intensity of a bar fight all blended together. While immediately coming off as pretentious, the band stands its ground and delivers exactly as promised. Flawless transitions between songs and different moods, the journey starts off with a piano serenade followed by BTBAM’s signature kick in “Foam Born (A) The Backtrack.” Throughout the middle of the disc, the listener is greeted by not only the sounds of heavy metal and lush prog rock, but also an audible bar fight and the occasional accordion. Finally, the metal leaders take a moment to build a climax in “Viridian” and kick hard again to close the disc with “White Walls.” At the close of Colors, it becomes immediately clear exactly what the hell the listener is looking at. BTBAM demonstrates their position as a band capable of spanning genre, tone and many colors to create a technical masterpiece that any metal fan can enjoy.

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