23 September 2007

High on Fire Show Review!

Coliseum started out, which was disappointing in that the band after them was the band that seemed to be the least successful. They put on an alright show but the crowd was pretty dead and not hugely into it, but that's as much as I expected for more of a Hardcore Punk band at a Heavy Metal show. I think the band would have a much more fun show at a Hardcore show. They did have a few people nodding head by the end though.

Panthers was up next, and unfortunately they weren't hugely exciting live. They seemed to lack that extra ingredient to really spice up their show. The vocalist also didn't fit the music very well I thought although my opinion might change if I heard them on CD.

Mono was AMAZING live. Amazing. The music started off pretty and sweet, and I'm pretty sure half of the bar didn't realize this band was even playing music for the first few minutes they were playing. It was a nice and slow build, but assuredly, by the end of their first climax, the entire room was captivated and clapping fervently in any break that seemed appropriate. The line for merch after their show probably consisted of half the audience there. they were that good. Go see this band live. Period.

High on Fire was very entertaining live. They had a huge emphasis on sound that many bands don't bother with when they play live anymore but it really made for a better show. The guitarist/vocalist is a super friendly guy and very energetic and charismatic. Fun to be around, and he was around almost the entire time he wasn't playing, socilizing and even buying people drinks at the bar. Their live show wasn't as good as Mono's, but it was still quite good and fun overall.

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