24 September 2007

Within Temptation show review

Attitude was the opener for this show, and apparently they're a local band so it was sort of exciting to have them up there with a national tour. These guys has a really entertaining live act. Not the friendliest of folks, unfortunately, but the show was definitely well worth watching. Music shows a lot of promise but it's not there yet, the band had more energy than the music.

The Dear and Departed was a decent band, but seemed unfitting for this show. Music was generally sort of a Pop Rock feel with an Indie atmosphere to it. The drop in energy from the first band was palpable even among the crowd, though the music was pretty nice. Very relaxed and chilled out. Unfortunately, this was a Metal show (more or less).

Within Temptation was a lot of fun. They played for about an hour and a half which meant I didn't know a fair amount of the material played. This was their last show for their first headlining US tour, and you could tell they were thrilled to be here. The entire band was smiling the whole set and fooling around and acting like this wasn't work, this was just something they do for fun, a refreshing view because the crowd feeds off this energy fabulously. In addition, Sharon is absolutely adorable. Not in the sex-icon way most fans probably see her, but in person she just has this really charming and friendly vibe. The whole band did in fact, always nice ot have bigger bands that are that friendly. Worth seeing again.

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