25 April 2009

The Valley Tonight: Mates of State, Bandwagon III, The Real Coachella

I'll go out on a limb and suppose that you're neither one of the many attending McDowell Mountain Music Festival, with a lineup boasting The Flaming Lips, nor did you venture to Indio for Stagecoach. So you're probably looking for something awesome to do tonight that has nothing to do with confetti or traveling to California. Worry not. I think I can help.

- Mates of State, Black Kids, Judgment Day at The Clubhouse, $17, doors at 7:30PM. Dance party. Need I write more?

- Bandwagon III at Modified Arts, $8, doors at 4:30PM. You get a sweet wristband that'll get you discounts at Lost Leaf and Carly's Bistro. Featuring Courtney Marie Andrews, Dry River Yacht Club, Blaze favorites Gospel Claws, In Symmetry, Sister Cities, So And So, Towncraft (if you go, do not miss this band while you enjoy your Lost Leaf discount), plus Underscore Orkestra.

- The Real Coachella at The Trunk Space, $5, doors at 6 p.m. Featuring Pinata Party, Miss Maney Result, Stephen Steinbrink, The Johnsons, Nerd Love, Slackers Agenda Orchestra, The Big Funny, "Paul McCartney," Logan Greene & The Bricks, Mooey Moobau (CA), Skinwalkers, Nightwolf's Tribute to Glen Danzig, JJCNV, Ray Reeves, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Father's Day

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