24 April 2009

piles o' promos, part the first

Robert Christgau, I am so, so sorry. 

Junior Boys: Begone Dull Care
-Blips and bleeps cross paths with sterile crooning. Seduction music for young upwardly mobile robots. 

White Rabbits: It's Frightening
-Case number umpteen of "Indie Rock" circa-Spoon, but hey, they sound really into it this time. Still, I kept waiting and waiting for a horn section to come in. A name like "Rudie Falls" practically begs it.  

Silversun Pickups: Swoon
-Well-meaning shoegaze drowns in a vat of post-grunge gloss. Goes down smooth with a dose of high school drama.

Experimental Dental School: Forest Field 
-Deerhoof and Braniac have a baby. It soon dismantles its crib and uses the parts to build a noisy, yet efficient, spaceship. It barely breaches the troposphere, but it was a solid try. 

[impromptu rating system, reflecting a clear regression back to junior high.]

(;_;)  (>_>)  (~_~)  (=_=)  <-  (-_-)  ->  (|_|)  (+v+)  (!u!)  (^U^)  (&____&)

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