27 February 2009

The Valley Tonight

Two all local shows to entertain your bored butt! We've got option one: The Necronauts, Skinwalkers, Hands on Fire, Porches and Bolt! all at The Trunk Space. The flyer for this one has garnered love, hate and a little New Times coverage. Doors are at 7 p.m., and entry will cost you $6. Option one is a little more dirty and rock'n'rolly, while our option two is more... abstract, folky, danceable and other adjectives, too.

Option two consists of Stellaluna, Mancub, Cardiac Party, Hello The Mind Control and Towncraft. It's $5 at the door.

Some will choose based on fliers. Some will choose based on nearby bar preference (Bikini Lounge or Lost Leaf). Some will choose based on the actual music. And some others will be brave and energetic enough to attend both. Are you naked flier man enough?

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