05 February 2009

Tempe Music Fest actually a National Guard ad

I wish this were a joke post. Alas, it's not.

One of the Valley's handful of music fests, Tempe Music Fest will blast the birds out of Tempe Beach Park on April 3rd and 4th. And headlining two of the days that could be awesome we have THE Kid Rock, Cowboy Mouth, Roger Clyne, Three Doors Down (srsly? why?) and All-American Rejects.

Who knew the peeps who did those awful movie theater music vids would get so creative with their recruiting tactics? You can torment yourself with them here and here.

Here are some Blazers' top picks for Tempe Music Fest '09 headliners:

The Foo Fighters
The Strokes
Jimmy Eat World

Imagine for just a sec how awesome even just one of those would be. You imagining it? Kay. Now dash those absurd dreams from your stupid, wishful-thinking, idealistic head.


Owen Marshall said...

Cowboy Mouth is such a creepy name. It would be a great name for a Throbbing Gristle-style industrial noise band.

becktronbexbecky said...

It would, but they are most certainly not Throbbing Gristle-esque.