17 February 2009

Mutemath Teaser

Well, it's been much more than a successful year for the New Orlean's-based electro-rock band Mutemath. Their single "Typical" was chosen as the HBO promo last Spring, being asked to record the theme for the "Transformers" Movie, and recently featured their new single in the movie "Twilight".

I guess something's catching on...

But if you're a little like me and have been asking "Where the hell is the new Mutemath music that's been buzzing for the last year?", we got a speck of an answer last tuesday.

The "Spotlight" EP has been released (under the radar, to say the least), and I will say a few things. First, for the curious reader, it has 4 tracks: the single "Spotlight", 2 different versions of "Spotlight", and another track entitled "Clockwork".
Second, now that we're up to speed, I can honestly say I was both happy about the new music and a shade frustrated at the same time. At first listen, the songs seem very catchy, (oh, they definetly are!) but lacking anything really different. Both of the new songs will no doubt be crowd pleasers at their upcoming shows (myself included). It's difficult to point out what more was missing; my first conclusion is that I was expecting the tracks to surprise me, compared to their last album......don't ask me why.

But that's what EPs are for. Giving you a few good tracks, and letting you sweat to see if your suspisions become realities when the LPs hit. Mutemath's album is rumored to release in mid-March.

Let's wait and see together.


Vince said...

To be honest, I'd be more disappointed that on a 4 song EP...3 of the songs are the same song.

DanteGraves said...

Yeah, hopefully they'll write more music...rather than write 8 more versions of the song

Unless theyre freakin Awesome versions.

becktronbexbecky said...

Sounds like Mutemath have Feist's Excessive Remixing of Mushaboom syndrome.