15 October 2008

New Hot Tracks - The Blaze's MD speaks out

Brand new this week, here's a brief communique on what's going out on the airwaves/internetubes:

Of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping went into heavy rotation yesterday, and it is just as funky and disconcertingly sexual as you might expect, following Hissing Fauna.
Owen's Picks: Opener Nonpareil of Favor - the middle two minutes are straight up atonal guitar pounding, and then it breaks into this electronic doowop thing that is just incredible. Track 5 An Eluardian Instance - opens with a heaping helping of horn section hooks, bounces along on a bundle of trademark Barnes Basslines, and drifts into a surrealistic anecdote about "midnight raids on swedish plumtrees". Spectacular!

The Streets are also in heavy with Everything is Borrowed! Prompting me to wonder whether I'm propagating institutionalized racism by putting a white British MC in Heavy, but relegating the new Killer Mike LP to the neglected New Hiphop slot. Happily, I've rationalized it through a thought experiment: if I had a new Dizzee Rascal and a new (...umm) Slug album, Rascal would definitely get preference. The moral? Gentlemen (read: I) prefer rappers with British accents. Anyway, the Streets album is pretty darn good, with a fresh live musician take on its beat production. Mike Skinner isn't telling stories about eating eggs and fried tomato and calling girls anymore. He's talking about religion and (brace yourself) global warming (cringe?). Nonetheless:
Owen's Picks: On The Edge of a Cliff - the backing track is straight out of a 70s sitcom theme song (in the best possible way). The Lyrics are about how, like, isn't it crazy how you were even born? Like, instead of not-you? Y'know? Mind-blowing.

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