26 October 2008

CMJ: Vince's Wrap Up (now featuring photography by me)

Another blitz through everything that happened...

The metal panels were a mix of good and bad. The panelists were knowledgeable and experienced, and had good things to say, but I felt like they didn't really cover much of the topics I really wish they had. I would have loved to hear what the next big band predictions were. I would have loved to hear from metal radio guys who didn't work for stations already established when they came in. I got a lot out of them though.

Then the Heavy Hitter showcase:
Unholy was pretty generic. I stepped out and talked to other metal directors.

Catalepsy was alright as background music, I still stayed at the back of the venue talking.

See You Next Tuesday was actually sounding pretty good, but just as I started really paying a attention, a fight broke out, the band jumped in, and the set was over after about 2 songs. Hardcore kids are awesome.

Arsonists Get All the Girls were actually pretty fun for a Deathcore band.

Next was a cover band composed of folks from Relapse, Heavy Hitter, Metal Blade, and Tucson's station. It was a lot of fun, and way better than anyone expected, including the band themselves...who had never rehearsed together. Below is (left to right) Chris from Tucson (vocals), Vince from Metal Blade (drums), and Dave from Relapse (bass).

Closing was Iwrestledabearonce, and they were a lot of fun. I can appreciate grindy bands with electronica influences.

Saturday I got up and went to Central Park (see first picture), then explored Times Square, Chinatown, and various other places before hitting up the Syndicate showcase.

My Mortality were alright. Generic Hard Rock, but where in metal that sucks, in hard rock it's fun.

Warship were ok. Forgettable.

God Forbid was disappointing. Not to say they were bad, they were just talked up so much the show was a bit disappointing. Pic below.

Darkest Hour were about as good as I expected. Not my favorite band, but they do alright live. The mic was broken for like 3 songs before they decided to replace it though, which was silly (I blame the venue for that though).

Sunday I woke up ungodly early to come back to Arizona.

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