24 October 2008

CMJ Update 1B... Owen's fevered rant

So I was hesitant to post anything until I have some of these digital photos developed, but seeing as how I can't get the film out and I'm fresh out of fixer, so it's back to plan B: stealing from someone else's flikr feed!

(picture to come)

Or perhaps not.

So this is Friday night, day four of the Marathon, and I'm a bit overstimulated. Vince and I are in a hostel next to Astor Plaza full of Europeans, especially Swedes. Hmmm... Perhaps I should begin at the beginning:

On Wednesday we got our passes and enjoyed an okayish panel on the future of Hi Fi audio. The generational gap was palpable - it palpated all over iPods, MP3s, and all sorts of other handy musical technologisms that define our youth culture. They did an interesting demo of a Rush song in varying degrees of fidelity/speaker quality. Again... palpable. Though it seemed like an ignorance is bliss kind of thing, to be honest. The immersive experience of music listening, or "faithfulness to the source" as the panelists described it seems less than fully relevant in today's musical environment. With sample and computer based music on the rise, it begs the meaning of the "source" being reproduced. As Vince noted, the Sony guy was very passionate, waxing nostalgic about growing up with music as his religion and lamenting that people download music and steal food from the mouths of babies. I apologize if I'm coming off as cynical. It's a moot point anyway, since I don't have enough bread (as one panelist put it) to get even a low-end hifi system.

So that's one panel covered. Stay tuned for more updates from the road!

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Vince said...

I guess my comment to this is a decent ($100) set of headphones will get you to appreciate some of the nuances of higher fidelity music, so if you can invest I recommend doing so.