08 December 2007

Andy’s Top Ten Albums of 2007

Andy’s Top Ten Albums of 2007
1) Wilco Sky Blue Sky: This one’s pretty obvious. If you aren’t completely satisfied, destroyed and optimistic by the end of this record, you clearly missed the point.
2) Jimmy Eat World Chase This Light: This is the record that was supposed to come out after Bleed American. Now that Futures is in the past, JEW fans have something to cheer about again.
3) Radiohead In Rainbows: As much as I didn’t think this was that great of a record, it undisputedly had a huge impact in the music community.
4) Between the Buried and Me Colors: Between the Buried and Me shows their stranglehold on the genre by releasing Colors as a complete symphony of metal/prog rock, rather than just another metal album.
5) Rocky Votolato The Bragg and Cuss: Rocky again shows his prowess as the best singer/songwriter of 2007.
6) Explosions in the Sky All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone: Explosions proves again that vocals are no necessity for a top ten finish.
7) Comeback Kid Broadcasting: This album shows all the scene kids hardcore at it’s roots and that hardcore with substance is always better than a whiny, but polished breakdown.
8) The Good Life Help Wanted Nights: Saddle Creek does it again. Go buy this album.
9) Saves the Day Under the Boards: Chris Conley proves that through lists of labels, members and some harsh criticism, the music will stay honest, singy and always worth the listen.
10) Dustin Kensrue Please Come Home: Kensrue (of Thrice) gets to explore this Americana and singer/songwriter side as he takes a step away from his heavier roots, and does it with style. Honorable Mention:
1997 A Better View of the Rising Moon: Once again, Victory succeeds in helping to break a band that might not have been discovered. Here’s to the Midwest.
Deas Vail All the Houses Look the Same: Brave New World Records takes the initiative to start the career of possibly the most authentic and appealing Christian band out there right now.
Kanye West Graduation: An alright album, but here’s to the end of 50 Cent!

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Jack said...

so happy to see The Good Life in your list!
I totally agree with this post, saying Help Wanted Nights is the best 2007 album. Too bad most lists couldn't see it.