16 October 2007

Okay, so we flew in to New York overnight. I didn't really sleep on the plane. I met a guy from Russia who wanted to buy me stuff. It was weird. Once we arrived, we went to get breakfast at a little French cafe called Petite Abeille next to The Chelsea Inn, where we're staying. The coffee was amazing and I would marry the man who made it if he asked me. We tried to check in to the hotel early, but no dice. We got our badges at the Puck Building at NYU, moseyed around some of the booths, chatted with some of our fellow CMJ-goers, and then went back to the hotel to check in and take naps. My nap was fulfilling but only lasted an hour. Sam's still sleeping and now I'm using our ten-dollar wireless internet. Additionally, we are on the third floor of a hotel with stairs that lean desperately. I hope the building doesn't collapse into itself. It's cute though, I guess.

Tonight we're going to Bowery Ballroom for the Brooklyn Vegan Showcase featuring Bon Iver, Shaky Hands, Miracle Fortress, The Most Serene Republic, which I am most excited about, duh, Dean & Britta, The Rosebuds and Voxtrot!

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Anna said...

The comment is worth it just for the description of the stairs!