20 October 2007

Holy macaroni, we met MIA yesterday and it was pretty sweet. Actually, it sucked for the majority of the time because she arrived at borders about 40 minutes late, but she was really cool to talk with while she signed stuff. I told her I was really excited about seeing her show at Terminal 5 last night, and I asked her how the show the night before went. MIA said, "It was hell. The craziest thing I've ever done." Now, I wasn't sure if this boded well for last night's show, MIA Terminal 5 Round 2, but ohhhh man did it ever.

First off, Terminal 5 is definitely one of the best venues I've ever been to. It's brand spankin' new, literally, MIA's show on Thursday was the first performance at the venue. There are three levels, killer lighting, things to lean on, plus a coat check, and it's clean. I know, dang.

DJ Blaqstarr opened and blew. I really couldn't dig it. But Ry Ry sang and danced a bit, and sort of made up for Blaqstarr's bologna. Afrikan Boy, who had never been to the states before, came on stage during the set, too. He made the set even worse. Either dj, dj with an emcee or emcee. Don't get up there and do some pathetic improvisation where all you yell is "DJ BLAQSTARR DJ BLAQSTARR!!!" Seriously, it got so old so fast.

Ah! Then my new boyfriends, The Cool Kids, who we saw at Studio B on Thursday, did their sweet set and I loved it even more the second time around. So talented. So fun. They have a song about riding bikes around Chicago. I'm sold.

MIA came on around 10. Before she got on stage, there was a video of a man giving a speech about destroying the government and the pointlessness of voting, which was cool but a little to schticky for my taste. Her show was amazing: great dancing, tons of energy and flashy video. I started wondering, though: Why was last night's show hellish? Well! During Bird Flu, MIA goes, "Hey New York, I want you to come dance on the stage with me. Come on." What? Yeah. Like 50-some people hopped on and danced like discombobulated lunatics, trying to grab MIA, take pictures with her and pretty much have bragging rights for life. It was annoying and I get that it's involving the crowd and edgy or whatever, but it seemed like so much unnecessary stress. Everybody went crazy during Galang and Boyz, too. Jimmy and Paper Planes were rad to see live. I want to know where MIA buys her leggings, because I'd rock them if I could find them.

Oh, if you want to represent the World Town, put your index finger and thumb together, kind of like the "okay" sign. That is all.

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