19 October 2007

Last night we trekked back to Brooklyn for the Modular party at Studio B. There was a dance floor with a legitimate disco ball and a huge sitting area with terribly comfy couches. The majority of the party was d.j.'d, but The Cool Kids rocked a sweet set, followed by Muscles, who's pretty much the equivalent of Treasure Mammal, and then New Young Pony Club. I wasn't super into NYPC, but I was super tired, so we left pretty early on in their set... which didn't start until like 2 a.m.

Today we're going to meet M.I.A. at Borders and then line up for a million hours so we can get in to see her at Terminal 5! Ole!

1 comment:

Owen Marshall said...

Borders? The Apple Store?
How about you go some places that we don't have in Scottsdale.
I'm seething with envy.