25 December 2008

Top 10 Songs That Got Stuck In My Head – 2008

I’m not exactly up-to-the-minute when it comes to music. I happen to stumble upon things on accident, I don’t seek them out because…well, I’m terrible at figuring out what I’m looking for! Due to this, I do not have a Top Ten Albums of 2008. Rather, I have the top ten songs that I’ve discovered in 2008 [songs that got stuck in my head, specifically].

11. Vib Ribbon – Universal Dance:
Ok, so this one isn’t exactly a song I discovered in 2008. It’s a bonus song I re-discovered, and you should check it out if you like insane cartoon stick-figure rabbits. This song is from a Japanese video game [Vib Ribbon] where a white rabbit follows a path to the beats of seven songs that sound like the fever-dreams of a DJ high on happiness and pop.

10. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Cold Son:
I actually heard this song a few times while in The Blaze during the Spring ’08 semester. I quickly embarked on a quest to figure out who the heck performs it. I don’t get it, but the song got me just at the right time every time, and so it goes round and round in my head. I think it’s the, “Face-plant/Stumble ahead” part that holds me.

9. Ben Kweller - Harriet’s Got A Song:
I don’t know who Ben Kweller is, but I now have a crush on him. I don’t understand most of this song, but I have a little crush on it as well.

8. Black Kids – Hit The Heartbreaks:
My friend sent me the song, and the file says it’s from the album ‘Wizard of Ahhhs.’ I prefer it to the version that is on ‘Party Traumatic.’ It probably won’t make a difference to you, but I like the rougher sound quality of my preferred version. It’s less whiny, and sounds like you’re attending a concert in a cave. An awesome cave.

7. Meaghan Smith – A Little Love
This song is adorable. It has quirky little sounds, a fun strings section, snapping, and makes me feel really happy inside.

6. Matthew Reveles – That Girl:
The lyrics. My oh my. So sweet! You get an absolute picture of the girl he sings about. The music is good, but the lyrics are what really interest me in this song. And the harmonica solo--a good harmonica solo never hurts.

5. Lenka – Like A Song:
Although I found most of this album to be a complete snooze-fest, this mellow song managed to catch my attention. I know, mellow should = boring, but it’s haunting/pretty. I’m a sucker for haunting songs. This one gets put on repeat when I have to write a paper.

4. Her Space Holiday – Sleepy Tigers:
It’s so up-beat! You just wanna bounce up and down while smiling. The lyrics are cute and all, but when this song gets stuck in my head all I can think of is the beat. And he makes burning down a room sound romantic. I mean, it isn’t…but…ya’know.

3. The Postal Service – Nothing Better [Styrofoam Remix]:
I don’t know anything about this song. I have to look it up on youtube to hear it, but I absolutely play the hell out of it. And I sing along to it with much gusto [for which you must all forgive me].

2. Belle & Sebastian – Ease Your Feet in the Sea:
It’s. Just. So. Good. This came into rotation on one of my Pandora stations. Now I am in love. There’s some kind of xylophone action or something going on in this song. I enjoy it :]

1. Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2:
Really, it’s the whole album. The whole thing gets stuck in my head, and I’ll admit that it’s probably only #1 because ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ is my latest obsession. This is the last song, and it makes me melt into a happy little puddle. It isn’t the prettiest or cutest song, which are usually the deciding factors for me. Nope, this song has some pretty weird lyrics, but I like them. Example: “She will feed you tomatoes/and radio wires” WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I don’t know, but I love it.

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