07 November 2008

Meaghan Smith, The Whispertown 2000

Meaghan Smith - The Cricket's Quartet
Jazzy, folksy, playful and fun...I adore this album start to finish. There are only four songs [I Know, A Little Love, If You Asked Me, Drifted Apart] and all are strong and memorable. The songs give you a rush of nostalgia, sending you back to a simpler time with full orchestras backing charismatic singers. The music is classic sounding, mixed with quirky little details that modernize it. I've found a new favorite artist!

The Whispertown 2000 - Swim:
A little folksy again, but...this isn't really my style. I don't like the singing, it's too whiny sounding for my taste. I'll be honest...I'm not into the whole singing like a 7-year-old thing. I like the music, it's unfortunate that their style of singing offsets it so poorly. I could appreciate tracks 3 and 6. Tracks 5 and 11 weren't completely objectionable. I found myself wishing the album would end soon, with no desire to listen to it in its entirety ever again.

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