20 November 2008

Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis is back!

As a band, Oasis has gone through the toughest stages of stardom. Oasis was formed back in 1991. Since then, the band has peaked at the top of charts in both the UK and the United States. “Dig Out your Soul” is the first album released after Oasis re-signed with Sony BMG back in June of 2008. Nostalgia is probably the best word I can use to describe the album. It basically sounds like good ol’ British rock n’ roll back when it was dirty and hard-hitting. I was particularly excited about the album because it was familiar, but surprising. Dry lyrics keep the theme continuous throughout the album. Lately, a lot of bands have been venturing into dark and undiscovered Worlds (which is fantastic, don’t get me wrong), but eventually, as variety seeker, I have been looking for a bit more simplicity. The tracks in “Dig Out Your Soul” have a common thread that unites them, but each song has its own individuality and tantalizing undertones. Oasis has never been a cookie-cutter band, and this album does not differ.

The album opens with “Bag it Up,” a song about overindulgence and promises of feeding an addiction. Continuing on with “The Shock of Lightening”, “To Be Where There is Life,” and “Soldier On” a sense of taking back control guides each song. Oasis’ trajectory has been one of immediate stardom. Prior to releasing the album “ Be Here Now,” the band was bombarded with the reality that their album was going to have major sales. The management was worried that overexposure was going to sabotage their success. As they predicted, the album soared in sales and overexposed Oasis. The band decided to continue recording in smaller scales, but “Dig Out Your Soul” is the album that will put Oasis back into circulation in the mainstream World. It is definently not holding back…and I love it!

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