04 November 2010

N.E.R.D.'s "Nothing" is Far From Nothing

It's his cadence. It has nothing to do with his lyrics; it is all about delivery to him. Pharrell has limited talent when it comes to being a lyricist with meaning, but what he lacks in talent he picks up in delivery and producing. It's been like that for a very long time, sometimes his words are great, for instance "Frontin'" one of my favorites, is great on the lyrics but that was in 2003. This is 2010, a new decade, a new N.E.R.D., and let me be the first to tell you, it's sick.

It all started in 1994 for Pharrell and Chad Hugo's Neptune's Productions, but the "geeks" behind N.E.R.D. met in high school, and started making music in Hugo's garage. They released their first album in 2001 and have been Gold ever since. The much anticipated, for people like me, album entitled "Nothing" is now here.

Nothing starts with a fast paced song "Party People" which goes hard on the beat but as I listened to it all I heard was "what i need, what i need is that girl there." Remember the lyrics problem? It's still here, but I do not care! Hypnotize U, teh second track on the album is one of my favorites, I saw them do this on David Letterman a few weeks back, and I stoked when i heard Daft Punk produced it, finding the time for N.E.R.D. while making the Tron Legacy soundtrack. "Help Me" has yet again brought into light the topic of bad lyrics; he talks about a snake in tall grass at one point, talk about random. Maybe the Nothing title means that the lyrics mean nothing! I decrypted the meaning! My least favorite goes to the 4th track on the list, "Victory." Not so much of a victory for my ears but who cares? I'm now going to skip a few tracks, since this is a large album and you will listen to it because I am loving it, and I will now talk about the best song on the setlist for Chad, Pharrell and Shay Haley. You have probably heard it before, and said one of two things, "Mom/Dad, can I please, please, please have a bass guitar?" or "I slappa da bass mon'!" This song is insane, of course it is "Hot n' Fun." The beat moves my entire body oh yeah and bumps my headphones as well, it just makes me want to replay it over and over. The best part though, the lyrics are good too! Pharrell you did it! First sick rap since he did a quick one with Snoop on "Drop it Like it's Hot." Wait, I'm leaving someone out, oh! Shay Haley, you rock too my man. Then after that song ends you get a great little shin dig of a guy filibustering on the track but it ends in 42 seconds so stay tuned because you get a great track to listen to "It's in the Air" this one has meaning to it and I like the entire beat and release of lyrics in it. "Sacred Temple" is sick, but....cadence again folks! "I Wanna Jam" the second to last track is a plethora of beats to be able to run to, very fast, and that is why I like N.E.R.D. they can make the simplest beat but make it seem like so much is happening. It all ends with "The Man" and the tympani drum in it is wonderful to bump to in your headphones and car, it's a great end to a great album.

All in all, I love N.E.R.D. to me it isn't the lyrics, it is the beats and the way they talk, this album is different from the older ones and that is fine with me, sometimes change is good, just ask the President.

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