30 September 2009

Kylesa/Bison BC/Landmine Marathon/Khenty at Chasers 9/29/2009

Came in a bit late, so I only caught the last song in Khenty's set unfortunately. They weren't bad, at least...it sounded pretty promising. But I can't really say for sure.

Landmine Marathon was interesting. I don't think they were bad, objectively. In fact there were sections I really liked in their music. But there were too many grind sections for my tastes, and the vocals could have been better at times. Of course, at other times they could have been louder. Definitely worth checking out if you like the local metal and have more tolerance for grind than I do.

Bison BC was really good again, despite the fact that I haven't listened to their CD in a long time. Really enjoyable songs and, again, I feel they are better live than on CD. The CD has a tendency to pound my brain a bit too much, while live they pound it in just enough. Maybe it's the earplugs. Either way, I expect good things from these guys in the future. Really nice and friendly folks too. Plus, beard metal.

Kylesa was great live, again. I even listened to Static Tensions earlier today just to see if I would still get more out of seeing them live right after listening to the album, and I definitely did. So many bands sound exactly the same live and on CD. Sometimes that is exactly what you want, but Kylesa really bring so much more to the table live, and it's great. They played just about (or perhaps all) of Static Tensions, and then closed with a few older ones. But in between the two someone yelled "drum solo!" and thus we also got to enjoy a fun dual drummer duel before they started up on the old stuff. After about half the band was getting off stage, they were somehow convinced to return for an encore, which was their cover of Pink Floyd's Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. A rendition which I quite enjoy on record, and which improves even more live as they jam in the middle of the song extensively and feel it out in a way recording really fail to capture. Even if you think this band is just ok, they are a must see live.

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