23 September 2008

Beck & MGMT @ Dodge Theatre

I suppose I'd never really considered what a musical icon Beck truly is until tonight. I knew every lyric to every song, without knowing that I knew. He has mysteriously permeated the collective skull of a couple generations with scary subtlety, only leaving those who realize this to one if he's using his powers for good or evil. Regardless, he's arguably one of the most dually appreciated and unappreciated voices of our time. Has anyone else heard rumors of this being his final tour? I can't speak to the truth of them, but that possibility has come up more than once.

He opened with Loser, followed by Girl and went on to play every song he ever wrote. Or at least, that's what it felt like. In a good way. Devil's Haircut, Lost Cause, Where It's At and Think I'm In Love to name a few. One lucky duck was chosen to play guest tambourine on Black Tambourine. The winner had early 90s Anthony Kiedis hair and sorta bogarted the mic, but wouldn't you, given the chance to play live onstage with Beck? Yah, probably, in reference to the mic hogging that is, not the hair having. Of course selections from Modern Guilt were in the mix: Gamma Ray, Chemtrails, my favorite Orphans plus the title track, Youthless and Soul of a Man. I was nothing short of ecstatic that he played selections from Sea Change: Sunday Sun, Golden Age and Lost Cause. Pictures can't do it justice, but suffice to say that everyone danced, sang and left as happier, better people.

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