04 June 2008

Candidly Brendan Canning

You can now download Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning! Canning doesn't seem to pumped about it, but you can snap it up from the Arts & Crafts site. Here's what Canning posted to his Facebook today:
It has come to my attention that an unmastered version of my album has been leaked through the internet. With the retail release being six weeks away, I've decided to correct the situation by releasing the album digitally myself, because I can. So this is for all you early birds who just couldn't wait for July 22nd. But you know, it won't be like going to your favourite record shop and getting a copy in your hot little hands, or sitting in your basement downloading it to your iTouch phone while playing Grand Theft Auto, it merely corrects the situation that is...a messed up version of my record floating around on the internet, and this is not how I wanted my record to drop. Believe me, this is not a minor situation. We're talking recall here folks...With all of this in mind, please note: 'Something for all of us...' will be available at all fine retail and digital outlets in North America July 22nd with some additonal artwork inside and slightly later for the rest of the world.

Thank you all, please enjoy.

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