20 April 2008

Kissing the Beehive!? Oh my Wolf Parade

For those of you not already aware, warbly Montreal janglesmiths (running out of original descriptions here) Wolf Parade are dropping a new album called "KISSING THE BEEHIVE" (caps mine) this coming June 17th. And that thing is so leaky it's about time we re-lined our music umbrellas, if you know what I'm saying.

Ostensible single "Call it a Ritual" is on the blog circuit already, with a 1-minute sample of it being played on NPR's All Songs Considered a week or so ago. The band has been playing the new songs live apparently, and they sound exciting - though little sign of that delightful Krug number about bones and captains. Hope springs eternal, though.

1 comment:

Racergrl754 said...

Got a "leak" we can play on Maple this coming week?