08 January 2008

Sad, But True News About Hoodlums

Here's the most recent post on the Hoodum's website:

Hello Hoodlums’ Music Junkies, Customers, and Friends.

Happy New Year!

Sorry we’ve been out of touch. In case you hadn’t heard, the ASU Memorial Union had a big fire on November 1st, and it hasn’t been open since. Although the fire was on the second floor, our store suffered a massive amount of smoke damage.

After two months of restoration, the M.U. has reopened as of today (1/7/08).

Unfortunately, Hoodlums will not be re-opening with it.

That’s a big one, eh? I bet you’d like to know why.

Well, the damage has left us in a position of having to rebuild our inventory from scratch, and the building isn’t going to be fully operating until next fall at the soonest, we are just a little hesitant about reestablishing our store in that particular location.

So what is to become of Hoodlums New and Used Music?

Well, although the music industry is in a recognized state of disarray, we still love music and movies… and we believe the right kind of combo entertainment store can still survive. Plus, with twenty years of experience and knowledge, we feel like we still have a lot to offer our fellow entertainment Junkies. Consequently, we are weighing our options and looking at opportunities that make sense.

The students and staff at ASU form a tremendous community, and we will miss it, and you, immensely. Hopefully, something cool will come up, and we will see each other very soon.

In the meantime, there is no way to truly express to all of you how much we appreciate the support, friendship, and conversation we have had in our ten-year run at our ASU location. Many of you haven’t been near ASU since you graduated, but rest assured we haven’t forgotten about you, or the awesome support you gave us in our early years.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your business.

We will keep you posted as to any future developments.

Thanks again,

Steve, Kristian, and the hoodlums at Hoodlums

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Owen Marshall said...

That's too bad. On the bright side, when they get a new location it probably wont have that gross burger king smell.