18 November 2007

Annuals at The Clubhouse 11/17

Annuals killed last night. I wasn't sure if they'd top the last time I saw them at the Rhythm Room, but they've only gotten better. The electric atmosphere that this North Carolinian band crafts onstage absolutely has to be experienced. And when four people start playing simultaneous percussion parts, you'll feel happier than ever before. Truth be told: I have a massive crush on Adam Baker, the leader of the Annuals pack. But, honestly, listen to Be He Me, it's an epic collection of angsty musicianship, with so much depth. Every time I listen to it, I find something new to love. They just released a digital EP, entitled Frelan Mas, a collection of eight b-sides from Be He Me. It's available on the Ace Fu website and on iTunes.

Brooklynite Kevin Devine played first and was pretty intense, up onstage all alone with just his guitar as company. Manchester Orchestra, who played second, came out for the last half of his set as his backup band. Devine covered Neutral Milk Hotel, which was my favorite part of his set, probably because I've never listened to him with much fervor. It was a good set though, lots of girls are in love with him, I guess.

Manchester followed and by far had the biggest crowd of the night. I saw them over the summer at The Brickhouse with Piebald and mewithoutYou, but singer Andy Hull's voice seemed a little weary this time around. It's crazy how many people were singing along and dancing around, probably because Manchester doesn't strike me as something to dance to.

Hey Phoenix, how are you going to leave right after Manchester Orchestra plays and totally miss out on Annuals? I think half of the crowd left by the time Annuals played, which is cool for me since I'm sort of miniscule and didn't have to fight to see the action... But all you dorkburgers who left missed out on a beautiful set.


Sam Gavin said...

"angsty musicianship" = EMO! Bad emo at that.

becktronbexbecky said...

You've obviously never listened to Annuals. End of story.

Anna said...

I thought I was the only one in love with Adam Baker! I am turning as green as the color of the blog in envy that you got to see him again!

Vince said...

I think I would have liked to see this show but I've never heard of The Annuals, ah well.